About IAS Packaging

We offers personalized printing and packaging services to meet all of your business needs.

What IAS Packaging is all about

Increasingly, companies are adopting packaging not just for storage but also for branding and marketing purposes. IASPack offers personalized printing and packaging services to meet all of your business needs.

We have extremely sophisticated digital and offset presses. It promises the best caliber of packaging boxes for all varieties. Our expert designers can provide incredibly inspiring artwork alternatives for any kind of package. There are no fees associated with design preparation for our loyal clients.

The production team works extremely well together, which helps us complete every task as quickly as possible. One of our company’s core values is timely delivery and packaging.

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Offering The Best Solutions

We work with a wide range of materials; Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are all available in different thicknesses and weights. These resources are all ecologically friendly and biodegradable. We are a USA-based printing service company with international certification.

Die-cut boxes, gift boxes, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, and window boxes are all within our purview. We accept the responsibility to use a variety of box types to make beautiful packaging for food, toys, electronics, cosmetics, and other valuable items. We provide everything imaginable.

IASPack is quite good at coming up with original modifications. A multitude of design possibilities, such as die cutting, embossing, perforations, laminations, UV, glossy, and matte, are available for your custom packaging boxes. We use easily recyclable, consumer-friendly materials that don’t compromise quality when manufacturing the boxes.

Let our PREMIUM packaging be a theater that tells your Story to the World

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