Did you know that 72% of consumers say that purchasing decisions depend on the packaging of the product? In a market, there are a lot of potential products. There are very less chances of your products being seen if there are a lot of products. By using effective packaging, you can grab your customer’s eye. The first point of contact between customers and brands is Custom Display packaging.

With the right packaging, you can not only protect the product but also increase your brand’s identity. Create a memorable unboxing experience by customizing your box. This article will cover two primary types of packaging, display and traditional. Whether you are considering packaging for your old product or a new one, you can choose both.

Enhance Visual Appeal with Custom-Printed Display Packaging

As we can see from the name, the display packaging is specially designed to showcase your products. You can do it in a way to attract potential consumers. This type of packaging is completely different from traditional packaging. The main aim of that packaging is to protect and transport the product. On the other hand, display packaging can help you to enhance your product’s visual appeal. It ensures that your product can stand out from your competitors on the shelves.

On display packaging, you have ample space to print logos and slogans. It can make it more professional. The customer will remember your name by seeing the box once. Wholesale Display boxes allow the customer to see the product without even opening the box. Let’s discuss some types of display boxes

Types Of Custom-Printed Display Packaging

Countertop-Display: This display box is small and can easily be displayed on retail counters. They are ideal for holding small items like candy and cosmetics. Most of the brands keep these boxes near their cash counter. If you are also looking for the best Manufacturer in the USA, you can get in touch with IAS Pack. They are one of the best suppliers that can provide you with the best packaging solution. So, countertop display boxes are ideal for places that have high traffic. You can place them on the supermarket cash counter.

Shelf-Display boxes: This packaging solution is larger than the countertop display boxes. They easily fit on standard retail shelves. You can store snacks and beverages on these display boxes. You can also display your health products. The main advantage is that you can draw the eyes of the customers. You might have seen this type of box at retail stores.

Floor Display: These boxes are placed near the entrances where high traffic arises. Everyone will enter or exit from there so everyone will see it. You can put many products ranging from electronics to household goods. You can procure maximum visibility. These boxes can increase your sales greatly.

The main aim of Display boxes is to catch consumers’ attention and make the product noticeable and attractive. These boxes make it easy for the customers to access the product. You can also add windows so the product can be easily seen. You can save your clients from the hassle of opening the box.

Brand Messaging Through Display Boxes

When using display packaging, you have ample opportunities to show your creativity. By designing some eye-catching graphics and vibrant colors you can communicate your product’s and brand’s effectiveness. If you want to enhance your customer engagement further you can add QR codes. When you do this level of customization, you can easily differentiate yourselves from your competitors.  On the other hand, if we go with traditional packaging, you don’t have that much flexibility.

The most important thing is that while displaying your product you can also protect nature, As we know the condition of Earth is worsening day by day. Brands need to move towards eco-friendly packaging. By using Display boxes, you can enhance your brand’s presence and keep nature safe at the same time. Your production procedures can be improved if you use sustainable solutions. The use of recyclable materials allows you to reduce the excess packaging. This can provide you an edge as the consumers prefer to use eco-friendly packaging.

Traditional packaging can be challenging as it depends on the material that you are using for the production. Corrugated cardboard is recyclable making it a sustainable choice. But today brands are still using plastic and non-biodegradable materials. Traditional packaging excels in protection and functionality more than Display packaging.


So, in this article, we have concluded that Display boxes are best if you are willing to showcase your product to the consumers. While on the other hand if you want to protect your product, you can go with traditional packaging. Both of these packaging can be eco-friendly.


What Is Display Packaging?

Display packaging is designed to showcase products attractively on store shelves, often featuring eye-catching graphics and unique shapes to enhance visibility and attract consumer attention.

What Is Traditional Packaging?

Traditional packaging refers to standard packaging methods like boxes, bags, and wrappers, focusing on protecting products during transport and storage while offering branding opportunities.

How Does Display Packaging Enhance Product Visibility?

Display packaging uses bold graphics, transparent windows, and unique shapes, often placed in strategic store locations to catch the consumer’s eye and boost impulse purchases.

Is Display Packaging More Expensive Than Traditional Packaging?

Yes, display packaging generally costs more to produce due to its elaborate design and premium materials, but it can offer a higher return on investment through increased sales and brand recognition.

Can Traditional Packaging Be Customized?

Yes, traditional packaging can be customized with printed graphics, labels, and colors, although it typically offers fewer creative opportunities compared to display packaging.

Which Packaging Type Is Better for Protecting Products?

Traditional packaging is generally better for protecting products, especially during transport and storage, due to its robust and durable design.

Is Display Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

It can be, depending on the materials and design. Using recyclable or biodegradable materials and eco-friendly printing methods can make display packaging more sustainable.

What Are the Cost Advantages of Traditional Packaging?

Traditional packaging is more cost-efficient to produce and highly scalable, making it ideal for mass production and cost management.